Unified communications

Bria Stretto increases employee productivity and responsiveness, by transforming each employee’s desktop, tablet and smart phone devices into an enterprise-grade softphone associated with their business number. Employees gain full access to voice, video, presence-enabled corporate directory, messaging and screen sharing, no matter where they happen to be (in the office, at home, on the road).

Bria Stretto is certified to interoperate with a broad range of VoIP platforms, including Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, BroadSoft and Asterisk – and includes enhanced feature support for

BroadSoft and Asterisk environments. Bria Stretto softphones are centrally managed, which means that employees simply need to download the free Bria Stretto app and log in with their corporate credentials, at which point they can immediately start communicating via voice, video or messaging. As a real productivity booster, this solution makes it possible to better communicate with employees, customers and partners and to meet the expectations of staff in terms of mobility, teleworking and the use of personal equipment within the company (BYOD).

Networking and telecoms, unified communications
Per user or per device basis
Be more efficient with presence management and instant messaging, communicate and share with HD video calls
Be mobile
Use all the features on your smartphone or tablet as well as in your own applications, facilitate teleworking
Lower telecommunication costs by integrating softphones over hardphones, offer Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies and reduce mobile phone reimbursements and processing
Ensure your communications privacy while complying with your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) strategy
Voice and HD Video Calling
Communicate clearly with your employees, customers and partners
Advanced Features
Take advantage of a great number of advanced features
Instant Messaging
Communicate rapidly with a colleague or group of users to obtain the information you are looking for
Presence and contact information
Do not be disturbed during meetings, display your availability and be informed of your employees
Access the corporate directory, synchronize your personal address books, create groups, choose the preferred way to communicate for each contact
Organize audio and video conferences, invite participants, share your screen, transfer documents and exchange messages
Use up to 4 devices simultaneously with your business number and choose the one that best suits your needs
Battery Life
Use Bria Stretto with your smartphone while reducing mobile battery usage and decreasing missed calls and messages
Make voice and video calls directly from office and business apps such as Microsoft Outlook or Salesforce, integrate Bria Stretto within your call center
Tailor graphical and default settings and seamlessly display customized content within the softphone app
Control and Management
Easily configure, update and upgrade Bria Stretto software, use advanced operational tools to measure voice quality and quickly resolve issues
Thanks to the compliance with SIP standards, the CounterPath solution is compatible with VoIP infrastructures from the broadest range of vendors

All Bria Stretto softphones share the same unified User Interface (UI) regardless of platform (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android), with a common set of features, to allow employees to seamlessly transition between devices for all their communications needs. Bria Stretto also provides IT administrators with the ability to configure customized web tabs, to seamlessly display web-based content within the softphone app, giving the appearance that the app has been purpose-built for that enterprise.

In addition to standard telephony features such as Call Hold, Call Transfer and Messaging Waiting Indicator, Bria Stretto supports advanced business features such as Call Monitoring, Call Recording and Address Book integration. Other valuable

features include Auto Answer / Remote Call Control (for Contact Centre environments), Salesforce and Microsoft Office integrations, SMS integration as well as support for active call handoff to/from WiFi and 3G/4G networks. All Bria Stretto mobile users are provided with access to CounterPath’s Push Notification service, which is critical for reducing battery usage when the Bria Stretto app is in the background.


Built on SIP and open standards, the CounterPath solution is proven interoperable with many of the industry’s IP PBX, SBC and Unified Communications platforms as well as with all major devices and operating systems. It makes it possible to deploy all the mobility and collaboration services expected by the users without questioning the existing infrastructure, while maintaining independence from suppliers (equipment manufacturers, operators, etc.). Highly flexible, this solution can be centrally configured and managed whether you are a small or a large company. It is commissioned without any user intervention and is an effective BYOD solution that improves workplace efficiency, reduces workload of IT department and ensures cost savings.

To date, the Bria Stretto softphone is acclaimed by several thousand customers and used by tens of millions of users. It meets the needs of business departments and CIOs in the context of the digital transformation of the company and the deployment of mobility and collaboration services.



Les communications unifiées au cœur de la relation client

Le « parcours du client » et la stratégie « omnicanal » sont aujourd’hui des expressions consacrées mais les appels téléphoniques restent encore le moyen le plus utilisé par les clients pour communiquer avec une entreprise. Comment, dans un tel contexte, s’assurer que la qualité de la relation entreprise/client ne soit pas impactée ?