Hyas accurately predict malicious activity before it happens. From exclusive data sources to non-traditional collection mechanisms, Hyas is the most powerful investigation and attribution system ever created. It gives analysts, researchers, and investigators the tools to be much more effective at their jobs, and vastly increases the accuracy of their findings. Hyas lets connect specific attack instances and campaigns to billions of historical indicators of compromise faster than ever before. It helps research millions of malware samples and their corresponding network traffic and can help bring invaluable insights into existing SIEM efforts.Hyas ensures enhanced protection against malicious software, ransomware or phishing attacks, and several other threats.

  • Visibility behind privacy protected domain whois data
  • On-Demand access to account information and login IPs from various domain registrars and dynamic dns providers
  • Global wifi ssid geo mapping < 1 Meter
  • The world’s most granular IP Geolocation data < 1 Meter
  • Active and Passive sinkhole data with real time updates
  • Adversary tracking by email, IP, phone, and postal address
  • On-Demand domain takedowns with an option to direct to your own private sinkhole
  • Global social media geo browsing and tracking over any epoch from real time to years in the past
  • Excellent historical domain whois and passive dns data
  • IP space activity monitoring with real time alerting
Cyber security and data management
Financial institutions, insurance firms, other large companies, software and cyber security industry, intelligence agencies, defense, etc.
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