Martello’s Elfiq Networks products significantly enhance network performance with intelligent bandwidth management solutions enabling businesses to get more bandwidth, control and manage the traffic.Elfiq Networks’ products leverage a set of exclusive features to deliver seamless failover, enhanced network performance and maximum uptime.

Elfiq Networks provide business continuity, also known as failover. The proposal is based on an active/active configuration, while other solutions are using active/passive configurations.  This allows end users to use all the bandwidth they are paying for and, most of all, to always balance traffic dynamically in real time. Clients can now leverage, use and

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optimize multiple ISPs for uninterrupted connectivity.

With Elfiq Networks, clients can mix public and private connectivity links which results in greater network flexibility and, often, increased throughput. It allows end users to deploy layer 2 Hybrid WAN or SD-WAN solutions at a fraction of the price of costly private MPLS networks and offer seamless internet failover and ultimately, greater path selection for the Internet and WAN traffic.

There are numerous benefits & differentiators when using Elfiq Networks solutions:

  • Uninterrupted internet, more uptime and continuous access to cloud based key applications such as Salesforce
  • SLA inspector tool giving access to measure the performance delivered by the providers
  • Advanced balancing rules, traffic segmentation, QoS and more
  • Not a point of failure, all models are equipped with a LAN Failsafe mechanism
  • Easy to deploy layer 2 installation, devices are inline, invisible to attackers, no reconfiguration of gateways & firewalls are required
Save on the cost of your bandwidth

Gain total control over your network by allocating automatically your unused bandwidth when and where it counts
Guarantee uninterrupted internet access by relying on seamless ISP redundancy
Benefit from tested business continuity solutions for Enterprise and the Public Sector
Traffic segmentation

Bandwidth management and uptime

Thanks to the following features, the Elfiq Link Balancer product line brings a new level of bandwidth management and uptime.

  • Outbound link balancing: Organizations can use multiple (aggregate) ISPs for outbound traffic to the Internet so the load will be distributed.
  • Inbound link balancing: Services available over the Internet can be easily performed with Elfiq Networks’ Intelligent DNS technology.
  • Link failover: The Elfiq Link Balancer will continually monitor the health of each ISP and distribute bandwidth as long as it is operating in a normal fashion. When a carrier link fails to respond normally, the sessions are re-started onto an alternate link and the Elfiq Link Balancer keep on testing it until connectivity is restored.
SitePath MTPX

Point-to-point application acceleration

SitePath MTPX WAN bandwidth virtualization is an innovative feature enabling the management of multiple paths for site-to-site communication as well as point to point application acceleration and resilience. Information about link state and usage is shared automatically between units and path selection is done on an on-going basis. Additionally, all point-to-point sessions remain persistent and do not terminate during a link failure. Common uses include bonding multiple ISPs into a single virtual line or replacing/complementing MPLS and leased lines for cost-effective communications, reduced costs and WAN acceleration. This feature is commonly used for site to site VPN tunnels and VoIP trunks, ensuring impeccable communications at all times.


Create VPN tunnels over Internet links

Elfiq Networks’ VPN engine enables organizations to leverage traditional internet links and use them as site-to-site VPN tunnels. Supplementing or replacing WAN links with Elfiq SSL VPN is a key for all organizations wanting to optimize their bandwidth while lowering their costs.

LTE/4G/3G Mobile Carrier Support

Mobile connectivity for business continuity

LTE, 4G and 3G mobile carrier links can deliver significant value to an organization as they have become fast, mature and reliable. Clients can use one or more 3G/4G/LTE carrier links to guarantee uninterrupted network access.

Quality of service

Proactive bandwidth management

The Elfiq Networks QoS feature enables organizations to proactively manage bandwidth allocated to services and applications, to ensure that key elements such as email, VoIP and VPN have the required bandwidth and that less desirable traffic does not capture critical throughput.Elfiq Networks’ Quality of Service technology provides the ability to perform QoS activities on multiple links concurrently for multiple services. Furthermore, the Quality of Service module supports QoS DiffServ marking and is available on all Elfiq Networks products.

Elfiq Slice

Critical traffic prioritization

Elfiq Networks’ slice is a priority-focused Quality of Service engine. Its main goal is to service your traffic and re-order packets to ensure your priority traffic is always serviced first. This is critical for low-bandwidth high-priority applications such as VoIP and teleconferencing.


Prioritize Internet traffic

PrioMap lets a device with more “internal network” knowledge, such as an Internet Gateway, mark IP packets with Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) to instruct the Link to override its default configuration and change the way the sessions are processed. By working in conjunction with an Internet Gateway which can properly tag the different internet tiers, Elfiq Networks’ PrioMap feature can continue the prioritization of given tier from the gateway and out through the proper internet link, giving it precedence over other traffic on the network with the built-in QoS according to corporate priorities.

Intelligent DNS

Balance inbound traffic requests

Elfiq Networks’ iDNS feature enables organizations to proactively balance inbound traffic requests coming into their network. The iDNS module performs this task by intercepting traffic requests for desired services and returning the guest the link information which is optimal for its request. iDNS is commonly used to balance key services and ensure 100% availability for roaming client VPNs, web-based applications, transactional sites, web-based email and SMTP traffic.

Intelligent Service Verificator

Advanced server monitoring

In a context where multiple servers are performing the same task such as web servers, ISV will monitor each of these servers to ensure that the traffic passed by the iDNS module is sent to a functioning server. In order to verify a server or service’s availability, ISV perform tests at both Layer-7 (L7) and Layer-4 (L4).

Inbound Geolink

Inbound traffic redirection for business continuity

Elfiq Networks’ innovative Inbound Geolink option enables the management and distribution across sites with mirrored servers, such as web sites hosted at two locations. This technology can be viewed as an alternative to the BGP protocol and global server load balancing (GSLB).

Global Geolink

Multisite geographic traffic balancing

Elfiq Networks’ Global Geolink feature brings enterprise-class multisite geographic traffic balancing for business continuity and disaster recovery optimization. With Global Geolink, organizations can design and implement infrastructures which will be resilient and will be able to process data even if sites go dark, as long as one is operating. Up to 6 physically separate sites can be made geographically resilient with this technology. Should a site’s links become unavailable, key corporate services can be geographically balanced to another site to prevent any downtime and this adjustment can be done in seconds unlike BGP which can take up to an hour do the same. This technology can be viewed as an alternative to the BGP protocol and global server load balancing (GSLB).

High Availability

Seamless failover for disaster recovery

Elfiq Networks’ link balancing products can be deployed in high availability and failover mode. When used in high availability mode, a first LBX or VLBX device is designated as the “active” or “master” unit, and the secondary is designed as the “passive” or “slave” unit. Both units constantly communicate information and metrics. Should the “active” unit stop responding, the “passive” unit takes over traffic management and continues operating normally while alerting the IT department.

LAN Failsafe

Safety measure for unplanned outages

This feature is unique to Elfiq Networks’ LBX products equipped with one or multiple pairs of bonded ports. Elfiq Networks’ Layer-2 approach enables the installation of Link Balancers without any modification to the existing network, permitting the Elfiq device to relay traffic between the primary link (link which was installed prior to the Elfiq unit) and the network perimeter devices (firewall, HSIA gateway, etc.) upon failure.


Scalable VPN solution with increased performance

Developed as a means to reduce the footprint when compared to conventional VPN methods, STREAM VPN operates at the hardware level and effectively, encrypting traffic per flow and neutralizing the intensive requirements put on the processor by other VPN solutions. STREAM VPN relies on multi-PSK management performed dynamically by Elfiq Central, the company’s orchestrator. Contrarily to many vendors, STREAM VPN can be encrypted in both AES-128 and AES-256.

Stateful Firewall

Increased security at the Edge

Whereas conventional firewalls offer active-passive failover solutions, which are no substitute for a multi-link bandwidth aggregation architecture, Elfiq Networks devices can replace common Edge firewalls by offering stateful firewall capabilities of its own. By inspecting incoming and outgoing packets, Elfiq Networks’ firewall can identify and redirect untrustworthy traffic, keeping your network safe.

Time Based Conditions

Time-based configuration

Elfiq Networks products can automatically adjust their configuration based on time-based conditions. Thanks to this feature, bandwidth can be allocated to optimize operations in numerous contexts.

Intelligent Condition Verificator

Advanced and customized configuration

The Elfiq Intelligent Condition Verificator (ICV) feature permits organizations to develop advanced and customized configurations based on their corporate needs, bringing a higher level of granularity and control.   “What if” scenarios along with the ICV enables to perform very specific tasks such as taking actions when specific conditions happen such as a link failure or saturation, modify traffic algorithms based on times of day, manage cost-based conditions and usage to reduce costs related to burstable links or links with transfer limits, reset statistics and counters on a specific date/time and more.

Virtual Forwarder Interface

Configure multiple interfaces on one device

Virtual Forwarding Interfaces allow multiple virtualized Link Balancer instances to reside in a single appliance. Each virtual balancer is isolated, creating the opportunity for multiple infrastructures to be managed securely while reducing costs.

USB Configuration

Cost-saving troubleshooting and deployment

Elfiq Networks’ unique use of USB ports on its Link Balancer products enable the use of USB flash drives (keys) to manage a unit which may not be accessible by IT personnel. The updated configuration of an Elfiq Networks product may be stored on a USB flash drive. At the next unit reboot, the inserted USB drive’s configuration will be used by the Elfiq device to self-configure without the assistance of IT personnel. The USB flash drive may also be used for updating the device’s firmware. The USB Configuration feature is a cost-saving and problem-solving method which can significantly reduce downtime.

Deployed at Layer-2, Elfiq Networks’ products rely on multiple concurrent circuits. The benefits of a Layer-2 design include:
  • Primary link: no change is required to the existing network configuration, which minimizes risks and downtime
  • Firewalls: Elfiq products are firewall-agnostic, and require no adjustment or duplication of rules
  • Security: Elfiq products are invisible to attackers
  • Integration cost: for all these reasons and more, deployment is simple, fast and inexpensive