Our team has over 300 years of cumulative experience in telecommunications, converged communications, customer relations, mobile applications, and innovation. We have developed special relationships with numerous clients within several industries through an attentiveness and understanding of the various business processes impacted by organizations during their digital transformation, and our cross-cutting horizontal approach. We provide expertise, and no matter how challenging the requirements, your business guides our methodology within a framework of long-term partnership.

Lionel Hovsepian

A graduate of ISG and after a career spanning 30 years in major Information and Communication Technology companies including Alcatel, Gandalf, Newbridge Networks, Mitel, and SFR, Lionel has run Wesley Clover International’s European sales arm since 2013 and is also President of the tech incubator / accelerator Alacrité France. He has also participated in the creation and development of numerous startups including MyStream, Net-Vitesse and more recently Auticiel.

Patrice Brillard

A graduate of Ecole Centrale Electronique de Paris, Patrice Brillard has 30 years of experience in the networking and telecommunications industries.  He has held various sales operations and management positions in information and communication technology firms including Ungerman-Bass, Newbridge Networks, Redback Networks, and Mitel.

Luc Hallion

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of telecommunications, Luc Hallion has held technical, sales, and marketing positions in companies such as Dynatech Systems, Proteon, Newbridge Networks, BMC Software, OneAccess, and Mitel. In 1996, he was involved in the creation of the first French company specialized in e-commerce, Integra (now ITS Integra).

Tiphaine Hovsepian

A graduate as a Master of Biology and Health at the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin,  with a major in promotion of the Master Professional Natural Cosmetic Raw Materials at ISIPCA, Tiphaine Hovsepian joined the supplier of natural active ingredients, BIOCOSMETHIC, as R&D manager. She  was awarded a top 10 participant at IFSCC 2016 in Orlando and published an article in IFSCC 2017. With her industrial experience and aware of the frequent disconnect between designers and consumers, Tiphaine now drives the WCS Europe digital marketing strategy.

Sir Terry Matthews

Sir Terry Matthews is the founder and Chairman of Wesley Clover International. Since 1972, he has either founded or funded more than 100 technology companies, including Mitel and Newbridge Networks.

Today, Terry and Wesley Clover are involved with and invest in a large number of companies related to new Information & Communications Technologies (ICT) and innovative applications. Wesley Clover also owns and operates real estate and leisure properties and maintains a very active charitable foundation.

Michael Turner

Michael Turner is Vice President of System Strategies at Wesley Clover International. He is also involved in the company’s ‘Alacrity’ incubation program. Previously, Michael held senior management positions in the Canadian government where he was responsible for the operational management of IT and telecommunications within the government common services agency.

Prior to that, for more than 25 years, he held various operational and executive positions within the Canadian Coast Guard, which led him to serve as Deputy Commissioner for several years. Michael is currently a member of the Canadian Defense Advisory Board, the Advisory Board of the National Research Council’s Emerging Technologies Division, and the Board of Directors of Wavefront, Canada’s wireless technologies accelerator.

Ben Morris

Ben Morris is currently VP of Technology Strategies at Wesley Clover in Ottawa, Canada.

Ben oversees business development, sales and marketing operations for Wesley Clover affiliates in their early stage or development phase. Ben advises and guides these technology companies by leveraging his in-depth expertise in SaaS, wireless networks and telecommunications.
Throughout his 20 years of experience, Ben is heavily involved in almost all steps of a company lifecycle, from creation to introduction on financial markets.

Jean-Paul Cossart

After contributing to the creation of the accelerator Alacrité in Lille, Jean-Paul Cossart currently serves on its Advisory Board. An engineering graduate of Supélec, he is involved in information technology, project development, and the creation of commercial firms spanning many markets. He has served previously and currently serves on several Boards of Directors (NASDAQ, private equity, associations).

Stéphane Grasset

A graduate of Telecom Sud Paris with an Executive MBA from HEC, Stéphane Grasset held various management positions in the telecommunications and IT industries within several companies such as IBS, Ericsson, and Damovo. He was also a shareholder and Managing Partner of the digital services company Apps2com, recently acquired by Foliateam Group. He is currently Managing Partner of the consulting company Mooveos.

Bertrand le Gorgeu

A graduate of HEC, Bertrand Le Gorgeu held numerous leadership positions in communication solutions sales at DragonWare, Cisco, Teem Photonics and Ekinops. He is an investor in the media and ICT (Xamance, Le Télégramme…) industries. Additionally, he has entrepreneurial experience and has acquired, restructured and sold an electronic subcontracting company as part of a Leveraged Buy Out.

Jean-Philippe Déranlot

With 20-years experience in various sales and marketing positions in the networking & telecommunication industry (Gandalf, Ascend, Shiva, Tellabs), Jean-Philippe Déranlot created his consulting service in 2005. A trainer specializing in the uses of IT and B2B digital marketing, he is also a well-known blogger on all topics related to his areas of expertise: See www.efficacitic.fr and the think tank of the Institut de l’iconomie.