Created and lead by Sir Terence Matthews, Wesley Clover investments have contributed to the creation of several dozen companies providing next-generation information and communication solutions. Since 1972, Terry Matthews has either founded or funded more than 100 companies, including Mitel and Newbridge Networks which would both be called “Unicorns” in today’s terminology.

Wesley Clover strives to create and maintain a coherent ecosystem by focusing its investments on next-generation Cloud and SaaS applications, customer engagement solutions, data management and analysis applications, services and hardware for fixed and mobile communications, as well as collaboration platforms. Today the companies supported by Wesley Clover invest more than $20M USD annually in research and development into innovative applications and technologies.

Wesley Clover also initiated the Enterprise SaaS Accelerator, L-SPARK and the Enterprise Incubator, Alacrity. Through its solution portfolio, Wesley Clover has a worldwide presence.


As an affiliate of Wesley Clover International, WCS Europe has significant resources to market and support its solutions portfolio in Europe. Our team has over 300 years of cumulative experience in telecommunications, converged communications, customer relations, mobile applications, and innovation. We have developed special relationships with numerous clients within several industries through an attentiveness and understanding of the various business processes impacted by organizations during their digital transformation, and our cross-cutting horizontal approach. We provide expertise, and no matter how challenging the requirements, your business guides our methodology within a framework of a long-term partnership.

WCS Europe is an agile company capable of adapting itself very quickly to changing environments, whether related to its strategy, its operational practices or the execution of its services. We control all aspects of our solutions and ensure their integration with your business applications. We constantly invest in the training of our technical team to maintain our know-how and expertise and we build a close relationship with our customers: whether it is to provide training, resolve an incident, or respond to your questions, our technical experts speak your language and are available in your time zone.


Behaviors change and tools must evolve. No matter when or how they interact with a vendor or brand, customers demand coherence and expect a consistent experience, whether it be online or at the point of sale. Technologies are available and applications exist. However, companies are often looking for solutions that can fit into a global project executed in multiple phases. For example, it may be necessary to first measure client satisfaction, then equip employees with mobile applications to improve customer experience at the point of sale, to facilitate distant communication by using collaborative solutions or social media, and finally to analyze the collected data to maximize sales.

Today, no single platform is capable of satisfying all the requirements linked to the digital transformation of an activity. Thanks to continuous monitoring of technology and marketing trends, WCS Europe is able to offer innovative and complementary cloud applications adapted to your business requirements, allowing you to respond to current client and employee expectations and to expand market share. By facilitating customer and employee mobility, our solutions portfolio aims to encourage new uses of today’s technologies, to increase productivity and growth.